starting with TurbulenceFD and using its simulation to drive about 2 million X-Particles with advection.
those were saved to prt-files with 10 partitions and loaded with the “Krakatoa PRT Loader” back into the Cinema 4D scene.
result were about 20 million particles that have been rendered into this clip!


    edit of some work and experimenting which uses X-Particles and TurbulenceFD.
    to view this reel in HD -> watch it here on the ANIMATION page.

    screenshots from each scene:

      February seems to become the month of Turbulence FD jobs.
      here some tornadoish-style samples for a new project using TurbulenceFD driven by X-Particles inside C4D.

        I got contacted to do some smoke explosions to be integrated over real footage for an AXE commercial.
        for the finals, 5 different explosions will be needed and they have to reveal very fast. some will need physical interaction with the body of the actor and the surrounding space.
        but first they wanted to see some different types of dust-explosions which could be related to “deodorant” to chose from and define the kind that will be applied for all instances.
        this is what I presented for the 1st round:
        (left row: raw explosions – right row: overlaid onto footage)

        all explosions were created using Turbulence FD in combination with X-Particles inside Cinema 4D

          Closer for the new Investment Talks 2016
          of the Kantonalbank St. Gallen

          extract from the briefing:
          intro / outro should be transparent, neutral, modern, progressive, timeless and authentic and also on the same quality level as the competitor’s” 
          these were the first ideas that I presented as sketches to pick a concept before finalizing a landscape and portrait version in 1080p:


            just published the most recent Show-Reel 2015
            an edit of some work and experimenting I have done lately … all made entirely in-house!!!
            tools I used: Maxon Cinema 4D (with: X-Particles, TurbulenceFD, NitroBlast and others), Adobe After Effects CS6 (with: Element 3D, Nodes 2, Trapcode Suite and others), Final Cut Pro.
            you can check it out in a better quality on the “Animation” page -> “latest-reel”
            or the on vimeo published version right here: