self promotional animation for Motion3Design.
omg, we got hacked … and the revealed information is what we offer our clients.
Motion3Design is my company based in Switzerland and we manly provide services to German speaking clients … that might be the reason you were not able to decipher the revealed information ; )
basically it says that Motion3Design creates videos that combine design, animation, 3D, live action footage and visual effects.

basically in what ever order you put the spheres, they always get sorted by their colour at the end.
the way the inside obstacles are organized the spheres bounce depending on their mass, luminescence and colour-depth.
the inside structure has also a strong influence due to optics and reflections which are also helping to guide the spheres.
basically optics, structure and mass are responsible that the sorting by colour works ; )

seriously … all CGI. just some practice to integrate a 3D render into real footage.
and the idea of this colour-sorting-machine was inspired by an existing video but was a good exercise!