heavily inspired by the work of Robyn Haddow
FUI stands for Fantasy User Interface and it is a Motion Designer’s job to create them so they can be placed on screens to show those interfaces we all know from the movies.
this examples uses a DNA-Helix which was built, textured and animated in Cinema 4D and finalized with more data in After Effects.

the final version:


and applied to screens:


Based on Manuel’s tutorial “CREATING GEOMETRY WITH PYTHON IN C4D” I created a little rig to have all XPresso and Python ready in a c4d-file with some user-data to fill in and get started right away!
here a quick sample of what it does:


feel free to download the rig from the freebie page


quick edit to a Mini-Reel of some animation work, VFX and experimenting I have done since january …


music by my friend Roodee – ID (Original Mix)

this is somehow my dream … owning an “affordable” little helicopter.
here my 3D model that I made from scratch the way I would build this small conceptual helicopter that you could park outside your home and take it for a spin when you feel like it.
based on this 3D model I wonder if it is functional and could actually fly?!

Cinema 4D has become my first tool to play around for “sketching”.
I needed a bunch of circles to draw a geometric shape with depth for a logo that is in development.
so I quickly set up this scene by using hemispheres that are animated randomly …. and I got plenty of forms to chose from!



Just found a great tutorial at GSG and followed along with my version of it. At the same time I remembered a clip I did a while ago with the same MoGraph SoundEffector. Really powerful to let the music create and control the 3D space!