reel summer 2015

reel summer 2015

edit of some work and experimenting done so far in 2015 into a Reel.   visit the “latest-reel” section to check it out in HD quality!     all done in-house using Maxon Cinema 4D (with: X-Particles, TurbulenceFD, NitroBlast and others), Adobe After Effects (with: Element 3D, Nodes 2, Trapcode Suite and others).   music […]

3D Logo Design

3D Logo Design

straight forward 3D design for a logo. using a parallel camera to create a “wrong” perspective.  

journal autumn 2014

edit of some work, experimenting, learning and testing done from july to octobre 2014. -> click on the image above to play the clip! using Cinema 4D R16 (with TurbulenceFD, X-Particles), After Effects and Final Cut Pro. due to moving and getting my new place set up, not much “serious” work was done. but learned […]

reel summer 2014

edit of some work done from april to july 2014 into a Reel. visit the “REEL” page to check it out.

Car Skins

I didn’t make the models. these are a few cars from “Game Stock Car” by Reiza that I drive as a passionate SimRacer in various leagues. Reiza offers the 3D models to help creating your own livery and with “Body Paint 3D” as part of Cinema 4D, it is a great way to “paint” straight […]

MiniReel jan2march 2014

quick edit to a Mini-Reel of some animation work, VFX and experimenting I have done from january 2 march 2014 …     music by my friend Roodee – ID (Original Mix)    

Game Intro Sketch

very quick&dirty sketch for an intro idea which of course the word sketch implements, that there is lots&lots of refinements to do. so to speak this is a “pre-alpha-version” and needs a lot of work!    

Cbiz Jiggeled

amazing what you can do with a single deformer in C4D! using the jiggle-deformer with some applied dynamics and there we go to deform and animate a logo for example. pepping up the look with a tracer and thats it.