Fun Intro Animation in 3D to promote the “Kultur-Container” Project which consists a mobile container-village that will travel from city to city and offer a wide range of cultural program’s for everybody.

and here the website with the animation integrated:

Edit of different projects and experimenting that I have made between January and February 2017.
all scenes were made in-house using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

video is in FullHD … feel free to activate FullScreen mode ; ]




“keep growing together. 150 years create future.”
with this slogan in mind I was asked to create an animation that will be used for a TV-show as an intro.
color-pencils were used by the Swiss Kantonalbank already in the run-up to their anniversary-contest and should be part of the animation to show the 40 locations (4 major) geographically in the eastern part of Switzerland of the winner’s and where their projects will be realized.

this guideline lead me to this solution:


but for the tv-station the duration was to long and therefore this is the version that will/was be broadcasted:


from the technical point of view I used “Digital Elevation Maps” to create a geographically correct 3D landscape model and used satellite images to texture it. with this base it was an easy task to animate the pencils over it.

for the Swiss Kantonalbank I had the opportunity to contribute with some Motion Design for a movie that will be feautred during the Management-Forum 2016.
I was responsible for the creation on an Intro, 3D Animations that reveal 5 questions that will be asked during the film, animated Lower-Thirds for each interview-partner, the Outro for the final credits and the music.
classic, laid-back, timeless and elegant was my motto for the concept for each part to fit seamless into the footage that was provided.
here an edit with the focus on the Motion Design elements that were used:


Closer for the new Investment Talks 2016
of the Kantonalbank St. Gallen

extract from the briefing:
intro / outro should be transparent, neutral, modern, progressive, timeless and authentic and also on the same quality level as the competitor’s” 
these were the first ideas that I presented as sketches to pick a concept before finalizing a landscape and portrait version in 1080p:


just published the most recent Show-Reel 2015
an edit of some work and experimenting I have done lately … all made entirely in-house!!!
tools I used: Maxon Cinema 4D (with: X-Particles, TurbulenceFD, NitroBlast and others), Adobe After Effects CS6 (with: Element 3D, Nodes 2, Trapcode Suite and others), Final Cut Pro.
you can check it out in a better quality on the “Animation” page -> “latest-reel”
or the on vimeo published version right here:


you could describe X-Particle as a system taht creates and controls “pixels” in 3D space.
fascinating is the contol you have over these pixels (there could be millions of them) and to tell them when & what they should do to create unique animations or illustrations from the created 3D environement.
here a X-Particle compilation from client and experimental work over the last years to give you an impression:

X-Particle belongs for some time as a part of my 3D tools and I am a beta-tester to suggest and verify upcoming features.
feel free to contact me to find out more about X-Particles or how to integrate it into your new project.

sim-racing is my passion and SRE is the community I am active in. it was time to thank the folks over there with a logo and to animate it as a contribution to their hard work.
presenting 2 variations and one will be used on their site, race-casts and movies.
Version 1 (6sec-30fps)

Version 2 (6sec-60fps)

Version 2 (12sec-30fps)