almost 9 meters (30 feet) long and 3 meters high (10feet) space available in a confectionery and “almost” the absolut freedom to create whatever I wanted.
“the gods“ of chocolate and all those fine goodies became my theme including the client’s wish to show his products with it.

sketched on paper, built and rendered with Cinema 4D with all elements including smoke (using TurbulenceFD) and finally composed in Affinity Photo.

just discovered a great python script for C4D by krotMonster that lets a spline collide with an object … and the ideas for using this great feature are endless!

-> click on the image above to play the clip!

and some stills:


I didn’t make the models. these are a few cars from “Game Stock Car” by Reiza that I drive as a passionate SimRacer in various leagues.
Reiza offers the 3D models to help creating your own livery and with “Body Paint 3D” as part of Cinema 4D, it is a great way to “paint” straight onto the 3D model. and thats the way how I created this “car skins” with a little back&forth with Photoshop to fix details.

quick edit to a Mini-Reel of some animation work, VFX and experimenting I have done since january …


music by my friend Roodee – ID (Original Mix)

this is the presentation I used for a french client to decorate his Porsche Cayenne with commercial car stickers.
you may recognize the cacao beans from an earlier post and how they were recreated in 3D. is the french based website I use to work and present myself in france.
well back to the roots with some graphic design work but using 3D for presentation and clients love it because: “what they see is what they get”! and a good and solid presentation is crucial in our job!
video animation to scrub through

detail view
car sticker detail
still renders and 2D layout
presentation commercial car stickerscommercial car sticker porsche

commercial car sticker porsche cayennedesign commercial car stickers