it’s been over 2 years that I have not touched the AC Cobra 3D model that I started during a rainy sunday and finally had some time to give it the final touches.
but what a mess when I opened the file! so first step was to organize and structure all the parts inside of Cinema 4D that I just threw in while I got carried away modeling this timeless beautiful design by Shelby!
then texturing and setting up the studio with all the lights was challenging due to the high reflective materials.
last step was to adjust all the render settings, hitting the “ok” button and waiting until the render was done ;)

I needed to populate a scene with a stand while keeping some flexibility for changes without rebuilding everything. so I made this rig to make life a bit easier.
nothing sophisticated nor fancy, rather an easy way to create a stand with everything in place using a couple of slider’s.
hopefully it comes in handy for you and let me know if you used in your scene to share your render.

Cbiz Stand Rig

more info on the “Freebie” page with a download link for this free rig.

Sometimes you work only on a small part and my job was to model and rig this landing gear so that the person animating this spacecraft has an easy life. only thing he has to do now, is animating the slider, that controls the entire landing-gear at once!
thanks to Cinema 4D and Xpresso’s Range-Mapper this task was easy to make!
to model the landing-gear itself was challenging and to keep the hydraulic-arms aligned while animating with the connected tubes was solved with constrain-tags and spline-dynamics.
in the render you see the old spaceship model if you wondered how the landing gear fits through the opening … works on the final ; )

this is somehow my dream … owning an “affordable” little helicopter.
here my 3D model that I made from scratch the way I would build this small conceptual helicopter that you could park outside your home and take it for a spin when you feel like it.
based on this 3D model I wonder if it is functional and could actually fly?!

Pitching for a flying pod 3D Model that will be animated later and will be used for an TV-ad … and I got into the first round.
The goal was to: “… present an unique aircraft (futuristic but build-able today with a James Bond touch) that can be animated on different parts to create dynamic movements. …)

This is Work-In-Progress and will be updated with a final after finishing the usual 3D steps of modeling, texturing, cleaning up, scene setup, lightning and rigging the aircraft to get ready to be animated.

DTPod.WIP.RIG.01 DTPod.WIP.TEX.02 DTPod.OnRoof01 DTpod.CityFlyIn.01




hmmm this is a rough job to model all these mouth-watering yummy delicacy chocolates and quiet challenging to get it right.
but fortunately I got some samples to study closely ; )
this is the 1st step into this project to show off the power of 3D and to convince the client of its possibilities.

3D model of chocolate box

the goal is to do create an illustration for the shop windows with this kind of background running across:


this is are just quick renders to get the idea across … stay tuned for the finals