Still Images

edit of some work and experimenting which uses X-Particles and TurbulenceFD.
to view this reel in HD -> watch it here on the ANIMATION page.

screenshots from each scene:

it’s been over 2 years that I have not touched the AC Cobra 3D model that I started during a rainy sunday and finally had some time to give it the final touches.
but what a mess when I opened the file! so first step was to organize and structure all the parts inside of Cinema 4D that I just threw in while I got carried away modeling this timeless beautiful design by Shelby!
then texturing and setting up the studio with all the lights was challenging due to the high reflective materials.
last step was to adjust all the render settings, hitting the “ok” button and waiting until the render was done ;)

just discovered a great python script for C4D by krotMonster that lets a spline collide with an object … and the ideas for using this great feature are endless!

-> click on the image above to play the clip!

and some stills: