Cbiz Jiggeled

amazing what you can do with a single deformer in C4D! using the jiggle-deformer with some applied dynamics and there we go to deform and animate a logo for example. pepping up the look with a tracer and thats it.

visions of a dream 03

personal artwork of the series “visions of a dream” #3: “oscillating patchwork angel”

beachus castelus

I start to get the hang on participating on those five seconds projects and here my submission with the theme “Sandcastle”. concept is the very basic question: who makes them? bugs maybe? early in the morning the famous beachus castelus is gathering to get the work done and to make the beach ready for the […]

animation fake pan

similar to the previous Motion Graphics technique explained, you can use planes of images or video to create animations in a different way. in this example the planes are not layered to create a depth effect where a camera is walking through, here we use the camera to pan and have a look around. a […]

Energy Ball

learning by doing a little bit about VFX every day …    

City Drop In

an extract of something I am working on … more to come …    

Dancing Building Shutters

an animation of a building with “dancing” shutters. done with Cinema 4D using effectors on the cloned shutters to get the movements.

Green Screen Fun 01

Green Screen Fun 01

got a green-screen to play around … quick and dirty though but lots of fun!