Depth of Field in Post

Adding DoF (Depth of Field) in Post production using After Effects makes rendering faster and controlling it much more effective.     this is the last frame of this short animation showing how the C4D Depth Render Frame looks like:   Using AE “Camera Blur” Effect and using the C4D Depth Render as Map gives […]

Dirty Comp

“Quick and Dirty” composition done in After Effects to present a possibility … Footage from (camera-tracking info exported from AE to C4D) and a low-quality C4D render of the flyingDTpod quickly animated based on the imported AE info’s. as I said … quick&dirty ; )    

grass dynamics

just experimenting to make grass dynamic and look realistic with a golfball interacting with it …    

Grid System

Grid System

a 3 dimensional grid/cube building that continuously keeps growing made with Thinking Particles.    

best wishes

best wishes to everybody and after “surviving” the 21th of december I hope that we all realized how beautiful our blue planet is and that we’ll take better care of it … starting with each of us and trying to do something good everyday to help preserving it! merry christmas and a good start into […]

TP forming Type

I am getting the hang of the Thinking Particles and thanks to Cinema 4D, the programming for the TP’s is quiet intuitive. here I was experimenting with Thinking Particles using only the deflector node and 4 groups to form any shape. I used the hair shader for faster rendering but all the lines could build […]