my name is Reto Christiani. I studied at Art Center College of Design and graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication design.
over 25 years of professional experience I gained working in different countries in the field of Motion Design, 3D, VFX and CGI.
I was allowed to participate on many international projects and covered parts in a team or completed entire projects independently on my own.
from big Hollywood Studio productions to local projects I was able to gain a wide range of experience in the professional field and offer my skills as a freelance motion-designer, vfx and 3D artist.
I am servicing satisfied clients in the film, television, broadcast, design, advertising, corporate, retail, gaming and entertainment industries.
what I do best? I solve problems, have ideas and the skills!
I know how to find an unique way to convey and visualize a story using techniques in combining moving images, animation, 3D, CGI, VFX and cinematography.

besides a wide range of motion design, 3D and vfx work I feel very comfortable with particles and realistic 3D simulations of fluids, smoke, fire, dust and explosions using X-Particles and TurbulenceFD inside Cinema 4D and rendering with Cycles 4D. being part of the beta-tester team for X-Particlles since the first release I can solve almost any challenges with X-Particles.

I guarantee you an end product of outstanding quality, at a reasonable price and agreed-upon date!
I speak fluently english, french and german and actually just moved to Switzerland.

looking forward to you challenge with my motto: “impossibility ends with a yes“.


to find out more about my 3D modeling and 3D designs, feel free to pay a visit at
or a german motion design site is right here at