an illustration done for an international magazine that will appear with an article about “being lost in offices”. here an extract of the briefing i got:
… the illustration should show endless rooms that are all connected with each other and all are accessible through doors to create some kind of a closed and self contained maze. we would like to avoid furnished rooms and to keep them empty and clean. this should help for a neutral look and adaptive to all sorts of offices and at the same time could also be perceived as hallways …
Office Rooms Maze;
basically there is just one simple wall with a door modeled and circular cloned to make a hexagon.
then cloned again with a formula effector using this formula “mod(id;2)” to shift every 2nd hexagon-clone up in the X axes to create the comb-net. rendered out with the physical renderer using depth of field and indirect lightning … this first suggestion got the “ok”.