the client is convinced about the power of 3D and asked me next to the shop-window illustration to also suggest an exterior renovation to modernize his shop.
only thing about the chocolates I modeled during the first stage is that he would prefer to use photographs of his actual range of chocolates, and show his portrait very abstractly integrated into the final illustration of his shop-window.
simple planes are now textured with the provided photographs and using the Cloner with different effectors to arrange the planes like a swarm in a wavy shape.
still waiting for the portrait to get into final stage, but just for presenting I used an available portrait to create an halftone effect to use as a background.
chocolate mograph effector swarm
back into Cinema 4D using the camera calibration tool with a photograph of his actual shop to present the new modernized look in a way only the power of 3D could do:
the actual shop
the actual chocolate shop
and presenting the applied “chocolate-swarm to his new shop:
presenting redesigned shop with applied illustration